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Governance & Management

POSPaD is governed by its Board of Directors (BoD). The Board is the key policy making and governance body of the organization and works independently. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of POSPaD on periodic basis. The BoD consists of 07 members (05 male and 02 female) and is headed by its Chairperson. POSPaD’s board of directors comprises of development professionals, intellectuals, academicians, activists and media persons. The Chief Executive Officer of POSPaD serves the board as the secretary and ex-officio member.

POSPaD is led by its Chief Executive Officer who is the formal management head of the organization. The CEO reports to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors (BoD) and is responsible for the overall management of the organization. The CEO is supported by the 04-member key staff team including one Program Officer, one Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Officer, one Admin & Finance Officer and one Recovery Officer.

POSPaD’s Administrative Organogram

List of BoD Members of POSPaD

Haider Ali


Qualifications: MSc. (Sociology)

Profession: Development Sector Consultant

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 14 Years
☏: +92-300-6599577
✉: info@pospad.org


Muhammad Maqsood Sarwar

General Secretary

Qualifications: M.A (Political Science)

Profession: Trading Job

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 18 Years

☏: +92-300-6579096
✉: Maqsood@pospad.org

Nadeem Ashraf

Press Secretary

Qualifications: MCS (IT)

Profession: IT Expert

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 10 Years

☏: +92-300-4810409
✉: admin@pospad.org

Dr. Ishrat Sultana

Senior Vice President

Qualifications: MA (Political Science), MSc. (Gender & Women Studies)

Profession: Teacher, Trainer

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 12 Years

☏: +92-300-6540263
✉: drishrtsultana@gmail.com

Nabila Shehzadi

Joint Secretary

Qualifications: M.A (History)

Profession: Researcher

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 10 Years

☏: +92-301-4238255
✉: Nabila@pospad.org

Muhammad Siddique

Vice President

Qualifications: B.A

Profession: Private Job

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 10 Years

☏: +92-334-4183198
✉: saddique@pospad.org

Shoukat Javaid

Finance Secretary

Qualifications: B.Com

Profession: Accountant

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 12 Years

☏: +92-301-2626612
✉: Shoukat@pospad.org

List of Core Management Staff of POSPaD

Muhammad Maqsood Sarwar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Qualifications: M.A (Political Science)

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 7 Years

☏: +92-300-6579096
✉: Maqsood@pospad.org

Nadeem Ali

Admin & Finance Officer

Qualifications: B.Com

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 2 Years

☏: +92-304-4964477
✉: nadeemalikasuri@gmail.com

Shabbir Ahmed

Program Officer

Qualifications: MSc. (Gender & Women Studies)

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 3 Years

☏: +92-307-4111228
✉: ahmadshabbir115@yahoo.com

Muhammad Aslam

Recovery Officer (Water Supply Scheme)

Qualifications: F.A

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 1 Year

☏: +92-308-8716750
✉: pospad31@yahoo.com

Kalsoom Hussain

Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Officer

Qualifications: MSc. (Sociology)

Experience of Previous Jobs/Work: 1 Year

☏: +92-300-8809059
✉: waveforchange@gmail.com