About POSPaD

Pakistan Organization for Sustainable Participatory Development (POSPaD) is a non-profit, non-governmental & non-political organization established in 2003 and registered on July 05, 2004 with Social Welfare Department, Govt. of the Punjab under The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961. Since its establishment in 2003, POSPaD has been working through adopting sustainable participatory strategies for social and economic uplift of rural communities. POSPaD is a voluntary collaborative initiative of a group of development professionals and community activists for bringing sustainable changes in the lives of people securing rights and services. With a rich background in using participatory approaches for problem solution POSPaD is creating a real difference in the communities.


  • To facilitate rural & peri-urban communities in accessing clean drinking water & quality sanitation facilities and improvement of community physical infrastructure.
  • To develop livelihood opportunities for people including women and girls through technical & vocational skill development.
  • To assist communities in accessing social services especially health and education through introducing participatory low cost sustainable service delivery models.
  • To mobilize and engage communities to participate in decision making process related to rights and social services.
  • To help Communities in maintaining healthy life and to prevent chronic disease by improving dietary habits through education about food and nutrition.


POSPaD envisions “empowered communities with dignified access to social services and fundamental rights”


The mission of POSPaD is “to work with rural & urban communities through adopting participatory approaches for accessing social services and fundamental rights”.