Water Supply & Sanitation

Drinking Water for Kot Sardar Lashkar Ali's Residents
The proposed project would be implemented in the village Kot Sardar Lashkar Ali, Noorpur Jattan, Bado Rata Rd, Union Council # 53, Tehsil Chunian, and District Kasur. The village is located at a distance of about 12 km Kasur city and takes nearly 45 minutes journey to reach there as roads are not good. Under the proposed project Pakistan Organization for Sustainable Participatory Development (POSPaD) is proposing to extend a water supply scheme. 124 H/ Hold connection installs & 1500 Beneficiaries and Training of community and Health and hygiene.
Kot Sardar Lashkar Ali &Noor Pur Jattan, Tehsil Chunian, and District Kasur
One Year